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White Sapphire

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White Sapphire

Associated with Archangel Metatron, White Sapphires resonate the White Ray of Spiritually supreme Ray that contains and reflects all colours. White Sapphires activate and clear the mind, enhancing clarity and objectivity. They resonate to the third eye and crown chakra. A stone of spiritual awakening, it is useful for Light workers, enhancing the ability to download and ground high levels of sacred light. It is recommended to remove the stone if one slips into a negative state to avoid amplifying negativity. Can be used to amplify the vibration of other stones. Highly programmable and can be used in manifesting work.

Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Quartz is referred to as “Diamond” due to its resemblance to raw Diamonds. They are a very high vibration Quartz that can activate the etheric chakras and auric field. Herkimers are a dimensional gateway stone, they assist in accessing higher dimensions including astral travel and time travel. They can be used to communicate with the Angelic realm. These master healing stones remove energetic blockages and feed the auric field. They open and activate the third eye, crown and etheric chakras enhancing communication with Guides and Angels. They resonate the White Ray, downloading high frequency light through the soul star chakra, activating the Rainbow Light Body, the spiritual vehicle.

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Medium 6 sided Galactic Triangle lab-grown White Sapphire set in Sterling Silver with all White Gold Plate

2nd Stone is Herkimer Diamond

Eye of Horus Bale

Pendant measures: 28mm W

Shown on Diamond cut 40 Italian Sterling Silver plated in Rhodium (not included)