Destiny Mystic Quartz

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Destiny Mystic Quartz

Combining the Violet Ray of transformation, the Turquoise Ray of Joy and the Pink Ray of love. This stone connects us with our spiritual path, Guides and Angels. Excellent for breaking old patterning. It creates an energetic shield and transmutes negativity. The Turquoise Ray revitalizes and nurtures the emotions while the Pink Ray wraps you in love and heals the heart. Connect with your sacred path and remove the bonds that prevent you from achieving your soul’s purpose.


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Small Pear 2 Stone Destiny Mystic Quartz set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium

2nd stone is Mystic Destiny Quartz

Metatron bale

Pendant in setting measures: 45mm L x 12mm W; Stone is 22mm x 12mm



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