Cleaning and Charging kit

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Gemstones collect energy when you are wearing them so it’s very important to energetically cleanse them regularly. If your stone get overloaded they will become dormant.  The kits include a piece of Selenite. This acts like an energetic vacuum cleaner removing vibrational debris from the stone. Charging with Lemurian Quartz will your stone vibrate at its highest frequency. You can make a charging station to clean and charge your stones simultaneously.  You can clean and charge in about 15 minutes it’s perfectly okay to leave them overnight or longer.  You cannot over clean or over charge your stones.

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Selenite slab and Lemurian Quartz.

No two kits look alike as colour of the Lemurian varies. The supply of these crystals varies so they will not necessarily appear as pictured.

Selenite sizes vary from 2 cm x 2.5cm to 3.5 cm x 5cm. Some pieces could be smaller or larger.

Lemurian Quartz sizes vary from 1cm to 2.5 cm to  2cm x 3cm. Some pieces could be smaller or larger.

**All Pendants purchased Online include one charging kit**

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