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Obsidian Buddha Head

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Formed by molten Lava, Obsidian is an energetic vacuum, clearing psychic debris of all kinds.   It creates a shield that allows one to feel completely protected and safe.  Assists in remaining centred and focused when confronted with negativity.  A tool for recognizing and clearing negative patterning  It has grounding influence and assists in getting on track and organized. Excellent for clearing fear, anxiety and negative emotion. A stone of transformation that assists with focus.

2nd Stone Earth grown Pink Tourmaline

Opens and activates the heart chakra. Enhances love, spirituality, joy, and understanding. Heals the emotions, enhancing forgiveness. Removes fear and doubt, assists in
developing self confidence. A stone of positive transformation, used for recovery instilling hope, inspiration and joy


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Large Obsidian Buddha Head in Sterling Silver with White Rhodium

2nd Stone earth grown Pink Tourmaline

Eye of Horus collection

Pendant measures 60 x 23 mm

Shown on Twisted Herringbone 50  Italian Sterling Silver Rhutanium plated chain (not included)