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Blue Topaz Simulant

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A stone of communication, Blue Topaz activates and opens the throat and third eye chakras. Excellent to assist in speaking your truth in a calm, kind manner.  It is useful for preventing and relieving headaches.  It activates wisdom and knowledge.  It has a bubbly effervescent energy that builds confidence and joy in the vibration.  Virtually all Blue Topaz on the market today is irradiated White Topaz.  The irradiation process changes the colour of the stone to the blue however the crystalline structure in the stone is permanently changed.  This depletes the stones ability to build frequency so we use a lab-grown simulant to replicate the vibration.

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Medium Trillion Blue Topaz (simulant) set in sterling silver.

Galactic Bale

Pendant measures:38mm L x 23mm W; stone is 22mm

Chain  not included