Atlantean Spinel

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Atlantean Spinel

A stone of love and harmony, Atlantean Spinel resonates “Heaven & Earth”.  It wraps the wearer in the Turquoise Ray of joy and tranquility.  A balm to the emotional body assists in understanding the soul path.  Opens and activates all the chakras and meridians expanding the aura and flooding the body with fluid energy.  Excellent for any type of recovery, cleanses the emotional body removing fear and doubt.  Assists in stepping into personal power in a loving way.  Adds euphoric energy that enhances daily life.  Energizes and tunes the physical, etheric and astral bodies.  Activates psychic senses.

Rutilated Quartz

Clear Quartz with filaments of Gold, Silver or Copper. Known as a powerful abundance and prosperity gemstone. The Rutile quickens the manifesting ability of Quartz. To program your piece, hold it in your hand and look at the Rutile, state your desire and visualize the outcome. Your intention will be super-charged and quickened by the Rutile threads. It opens all the chakras and energy pathways in the body filling the physical body with high-frequency light. Excellent support for people who overwork. Elevates the mood and eases responsibilities.

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Medium Pear 2 stone Atlantean Spinel set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium

2nd stone is Rutilated Quartz

Goddess bale

Pendant Measures:56mm L x 15mmW: Stone measures: 26 x 12mm

Shown on Diamond cut 40 Italian Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium (not included)