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Ascension Mystic Quartz

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Ascension Mystic Quartz

This stunning stone combines the Violet Ray and Blue Ray in an extremely vibrant Stone. When we talk about Ascension we are talking about raising the frequency so the physical body moves to a new state of being. The body can only move to a higher dimension when the emotional body is cleared of all negative emotion and Ancestral imprints are resolved and cleared. The Violet Ray works to transmute negativity into positive energy and assists in resolving and dissolving the energetic knots and clouds to fully cleanse the physical, energetic and etheric bodies. The Blue Ray quickens the energy and builds the frequency of joy. We can only activate the Ascension process when we are moving through our life with complete grace, loving kindness and unlimited love. Worry becomes a distant memory and activation of the Law of One is at the forefront. Blessed be. This stone will be a great asset in any toolkit for those interested in walking the path of enlightenment and ascension.

Alexandrite Chrysoberyl

A color change stone, described as Emerald by day and Ruby by night. The color change is a result of the reflection of different types of light. Daylight produces a bluish green color and artificial light produces a violet red color.  Unites the heart and mind in wisdom and joy. This stone is a bridge to the energy of the other side. It assists in grounding euphoria and connecting with our Guides and Angels. Activation of the psychic senses is profound when engaging Alexandrite. It opens the gateway to our natural gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Emanating the Violet Ray of purification and transformation, it supercharges our third eye, crown and etheric chakras and assists us to achieve our highest path in this lifetime. Combined with the Green Ray that opens and activates the heart enhancing compassion, love, vitality, growth, and healing. This stone is a must for anyone who wants to unite their spiritual and physical realities.

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Triangle Ascension Mystic Quartz set in Sterling Silver plated in white Rhodium

2nd stone is earth-grown Alexandrite Chyrsoberyl

Atlantean Star bale

Pendant in setting measures: 45mm L x 22mm W; Stone is 22mm

Shown on Twisted Diamond cut 40 mm Italian Sterling Silver plated in white Rhodium