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Angel Aura Bliss Mystic Quartz

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Angel Aura Bliss

Combining the Blue Ray and the Violet Ray with the Opalescence of the Angel Aura. Angel Aura Bliss supports the emotions and speaking your truth with love. These stones connect you to your soul path. The Violet Ray assists in spiritual development, protection and transmutes negativity into positive energy. The Blue Ray fills the soul with peace and tranquility.


Emanating the Violet and Indigo Ray of Archangel Raziel, the
Angel of secret mysteries. Tanzanite Effect Sapphires open the third eye, crown and soul star chakras. They activate the Violet Ray of spirituality and protection. Assists Indigo and other Star Children in feeling more at home on earth.
Curbs repetitive negative thoughts and emotional issues without dwelling on them.
Helps to stay focused while multi-tasking.
Replaces stress with unlimited joy.
Enhances ability to connect with guides and angels.


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Medium pear Angel Aura Bliss Mystic Quartz set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium

2nd stone is Tanzanite plated in Yellow Gold

Creation bale

Pendant Measures: 64mm L x 14mm W; Main stone measures 35mm x 15mm

Shown on Italian Diamond cut 40mm chain in Sterling Silver plated in Yellow Gold (not included)