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Angel Aura Amour

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Angel Aura Amour Mystic Quartz

Combining the Opalescence of Angel Aura Quartz with the Pink Ray of love. It fills the soul with love, peace, serenity and confidence. This stone assists us in seeing life through the eyes of the soul. Powerfully supports, opens and heals the heart chakra activating self-love, forgiveness, and emotional support. An excellent stone for anyone that needs assistance with matters of the heart and relationships.

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Large curved rectangle Angel Aura Amour in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium

Goddess bale collection plated in Yellow Gold

Stone Measures: 38mmL x 18mmW; Pendant measures: 59mmL x 18mmW

Shown on Diamond cut twisted 40mm sterling silver chain plated in Yellow Gold (not included)