Amethyst Gemstone Tree

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This stunning Extra Large Amethyst Tree is one of a kind in our Calgary Store. Amethyst Trees connect us with the powerful Violet Ray.  The Violet ray connects us with spirit and our soul’s path in this lifetime. Working with the Amethyst Trees gives you an enhanced connection to your Guides and Angels. They are used to develop spirituality, enhancing intuition and psychic development.  They create a feeling of balance, protection and support, placing a shield of light throughout the space. This makes it the ideal tool for healing rooms, offices, classrooms.  Any location can benefit from the clearing and nurturing benefits of these beautiful beings.   They are energetic vacuum cleaners, absorbing negativity and transforming it into positive energy.



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The leaves are natural Amethyst pebbles attached to wire with resin.
Trunk is resin on natural Amethyst base.

Cleansing your Amethyst Room Gem is as simple as placing a small Selenite anywhere on the stone.  Amethyst is bleached by the sun so it’s important that Amethyst is displayed out of direct sunlight and heat.  If you place it near a light fixture ensure the light bulb is UV Free. Place your Amethyst Crystal Tree in any area of your home or office.

This tree is 29 ” H and weighs 35.8 kg




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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 4 in