Amethyst with Calcite Collectors Edition

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Amethyst with Calcite

These specimens contain all the properties of the Purple Amethyst with the added power of the Calcite. When Calcite grows with Amethyst it creates a powerful tool of manifesting.  Each point offers the opportunity for a specific job and can be easily programmed by stating its job and desired outcome.  They generate clarity and insight, while cooling anger and resentment.  These beautiful specimens are powerhouses for removing and transforming energetic blocks into vehicles of spiritual advancement. Excellent for healers and metaphysical work.  They are master tools for distance healing work and they act to amplify the healing energy.  They are beautiful formations that instil hope, optimism, encouraging one to leave the past behind and continue boldly towards the souls path.

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Amethyst Geode Collector

This is a rare piece & part of our collectors series. A beautiful Calcite point centres this piece.


Measurement:9″h x 9.5″w x 9.5″d.


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Weight 4.5 lbs