Nirvana Mystic Quartz Stone of Oneness & Enlightenment

Nirvana Mystic Quartz -The Stone of Oneness & Enlightenment

Summer is a time of fun and building the vibration of happiness. Happiness is contagious. Nirvana supports us to hold higher emotions and remove the lower emotions as we move towards Ascension.  The dynamic Magenta Ray and Green Ray found in this unique vibration create a stone of Oneness.

Nirvana is the highest state that one can attain, a state of enlightenment where suffering is eliminated and insatiable desires disappear.

Nirvana Mystic Quartz propels you into the higher emotions and activates passion and compassion. The Magenta Ray activates drive and motivation while dissolving old patterning that prevents us from achieving our highest path.  It activates the interconnected energetic known as the “Law of One”. When we are in the frequency of Oneness, the influences that create suffering through thoughts and emotions naturally dissolve into divine love, grace, and compassion.  Individually we may be at different levels of Ascension but when we are connected, everyone resonates the vibration of the one holding the highest vibration, activating our true essence, unlimited love, harmony, joy, and liberation.

The Magenta Ray is a combination of the Violet Ray, of the crown chakra and the Ruby Ray, of the root chakra. They combine and meet in the eighth chakra, the soul star which symbolizes the unification of the beginning and end, the completion into oneness. When we unite the beginning and the end we completely relax, we are achieving our soul path and soul satisfaction.

The Green Ray Vibrates to the heart chakra enhancing compassion, healing, forgiveness, and growth. The Green Ray is balancing and calming. In this frequency, we attune the heart and experience vitality, harmony and bliss.

Nirvana Mystic Quartz rectangle set in Sterling Silver plated in White Rhodium

How Mystic Quartz raises our Frequency

Mystic Quartz activates the entire chakra system. As our Earth and its people move to a higher frequency these crystalline powerhouses assist us in raising our vibration, moving away from the lower signatures that cause us to slip into negative emotions. These energetic dynamos resonate to the colors of the rainbow, filling the body with vitality and joy. Access vital life force energy and increase harmony and balance. In the time of Atlantis, they used gemstones coated with precious metals to super-charge the gemstones.

When we resonate the frequency of Nirvana, our personal vibration, our energetic eco-system that influences those around us, resonates the vibration of Ascension the highest emotional state. We are creating bliss for all. 


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