Midnight Mystic Quartz Stone of Grounding and Focus

Midnight Mystic Quartz 2 stone with Garnet

Kate’s Pick of the Month

September can be viewed as a mini “New Year”. Summer was fun and now it’s time to refocus on work, school and getting back into life’s routine. The remainder of the year awaits with renewed energy and promise. When we set goals, whether it’s to do our best in school, increase our performance at work, or approach self-care and relationships with a new perspective.  We want to feel empowered and get things accomplished. One of the biggest requests we receive is to enhance focus, concentration and grounding.

What are the Best Grounding Crystals?

Most grounding stones have low vibration and can end up creating anxiety and depression. Stones like Smoky Quartz, Hematite, and Black Tourmaline are traditional grounding stones but most people can’t wear them due to their low frequency. As we move into higher frequencies we need support to keep our vibration high while enhancing our ability to stay grounded and focused. Especially those people who have a Wind Element within their unique signature who need high vibration grounding tools. We created Midnight Mystic Quartz to resonate a high vibration while activating the earth star chakra keeping you focused and organized. 

Midnight Mystic assists in keeping you on time and on task.

Midnight Mystic resonates the Platinum Ray that activates our crown chakra connecting with the highest frequencies of spirit and our soul essence. The Platinum Ray provides a unique shield that dissolves negative energy rather than just bouncing negativity off us. 

This Gem allows us to be super focused while maintaining a harmonized frequency in your physical body. 

Vibrational Gemstones empower you to manage your state. When you resonate a vibration of self-love, feeling connected to your sacred path,  you will be happier, more loving, kind and supportive. This helps to influence others to feel the same way.

Midnight Mystic Quartz round YinYang cut

Midnight Mystic is an excellent ally for creating organization and structure in our lives. A tool for focus, assisting us in staying on the path. Many “Star Children” have difficulty with grounding as it lowers the frequency creating anxiety. This is the perfect stone to maintain a high frequency in the physical body while remaining grounded and focused.




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