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The energy in August provides an opportunity to release what no longer serves you, clear out what doesn’t work and make the changes. It is a powerful time for breaking old patterns and focus on what needs to be refined.  Kate Talks presents how we can take advantage of the support of the Universe and Vibrational Gemstones to create opportunities to make better choices and raise your vibration.

The Vibrational Gemstones that we recommend for support this month are,

Amethyst Hydro Quartz*    

Supportive for recovery from addictions and addictive behaviour. Helps to discover the root causes of addictions and disease so they can be cleared. Excellent stone for healers and Light Worker treatment rooms as it assists in breaking up negative energy when it is cleared.

Destiny Mystic Quartz*  

It fills the soul with abundant love and joy.  This stone is an excellent tool for the spiritual seeker. Connecting with Guides and Angels, developing clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience are all activated when using these beautiful pieces.

*Similar styles and selections available In store and with our Vibrational Consultants worldwide.

You may find this Soul Releasing Exercise helpful to aid you in this work.

Soul Releasing Exercise

Write on a piece of paper the following:

Thank you for the following experiences. They have provided me with the ability to learn and grow. I am now ready to release all the emotion and negativity associated with the following experiences to the Universe to be dissolved now and forever. In love and light, I release all those whom I have had a negative association with or whom I feel are responsible for negativity on my journey in any way.

Write down all the negative experiences and emotions. After you have written your release statement, end it with the following statement:

In love and light, I release this energy to be dissolved now and forever. I release it, I release it, I release it, in love and light now and forever.

The number 5 is the number of transition.

  • For 5 nights in a row read your release statement 5 times.
  • On the fifth night after reading the statement 5 times burn the letter and flush the ashes down the toilet.
  • As it goes down the toilet turn your back on it.

Now write a manifesting statement.

  • Write it in the present tense giving thanks for everything you want to attract into your life.
  • Read your statement 5 times, 5 nights in a row.
  • On the fifth night after reading your statement burn it.
  • Release the ashes to the wind. As you release it, thank the Universe for assisting you in achieving your goals.

Would you like to keep this exercise to use again? We’ve provided a downloadable PDF below.

As always, I love to hear from you about your experiences.  What Vibrational Gemstones have you found to be of great support to make important life changes?

In Love and Light,

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