How to build your own Crystal Grid


Building a crystal grid is a powerful way to set an intention and manifest your heart’s desire. It’s fun and easy. Elizabeth, a Vibrational Consultant at Kate King Jewellery shares some of her expertise on building crystal grids.

First, set powerful intentions

The most powerful way to set an intention or manifest a desire is by focusing on the emotions and feelings.  For example to manifest a new love relationship, rather than focusing on a handsome man or a beautiful woman coming into your life, focus on how you want to feel in this new relationship. Set your intention on how you want your future partner to treat you.

From attracting love to manifesting abundance and prosperity a crystal grid can be used to send healing energy to friends, family, clients, animals or places. You can set an intention to assist people experiencing traumatic events anywhere in the world.  Elizabeth had a remarkable experience when setting an intention and using crystal grids to connect with her friends who were travelling in Peru. Through the use of a crystal grid, she was able to energetically feel exactly what her friends were experiencing each day with no previous knowledge of the group’s itinerary.

Before beginning to work with crystals, it is important to be clear and precise with your intention. Your intention can be personal or global.

Always follow your intuition

Once you have selected a specific intention, hold it in your mind and heart and begin to intuitively select your crystals. Rather than reading the description before picking a stone, follow your intuition and pull stones that you are attracted to. You will be amazed how the crystals you choose will fit the intention before you even know what the crystal actually does.

Let your intuition guide you to select the stones that resonate for you.

Building your crystal grid

When you have set your intention and selected your crystals, you can start building your crystal grid. Every grid you build will be unique. You can experiment with different stones and combinations to see what is the most powerful for you.

Remember when placing each stone in the grid focus on the feeling you want to manifest.   

These are two popular crystal grids that Elizabeth has created for attracting abundance and promoting healing.

Abundance Crystal Grid

The abundance crystal grid can be used to manifest abundance, prosperity and success. State your intention and purpose before you create the grid.

  • Ideally, the generator crystal, which is placed in the centre of your grid, should be a clear Quartz with solid flat base and pointed top.
  • In the photo, the generator crystal is closely surrounded by three coins, three Herkimer Diamonds and an Apatite heart. The next circular pattern has elephants for good luck and Tigers Eye for activating the Golden Ray of abundance and prosperity.
  • Lemurian Seed crystals, (we used 8 as it represents prosperity) are used as connectors pointing towards the Citrine to attract prosperity on all levels, health, wealth and joy.
  • Malachite, Herkimer Diamonds and Rutilated Quartz are used on the four corners of the grid to amplify the manifestation.
  • Ganesha, the Hindu God, is the remover of obstacles and creator of abundance and success.
  • Frame the grid with candles, and place one at the centre, light them to activate your abundance crystal grid.

Healing Crystal Grid

This healing crystal grid can be used for physical and emotional healing. Remember to state your intention and purpose before you create the grid. It can be used as a healing grid for yourself, family, friends, clients, pets, places, events and the planet.

  • The generator crystal, placed at the centre of your grid, can be a clear Quartz or an Amethyst, known for its ability to transform energy.
  • In the photo, the generator crystal is surrounded by Lemurian Golden Healers, Selenite hearts and Sodalite.
  • Lemurian Seed crystals, (we used eight, which represents abundance) are used as the connectors pointing towards the Rose Quartz.
  • In between the connector crystals are Green, Blue and Dark Blue Obsidian.
  • The outside is surrounded by Amethyst, Chalcopyrite Peacock, Hiddenite and Nobel Shungite.
  • Buddha, Ganesha and Angel’s statues can be placed within the grid to bless and activate the crystal grid.
  • Frame the grid with candles and place one at the centre, light them to activate your healing crystal grid.

Elizabeth, a Vibrational Consultant in our Kate King Jewellery store in Willowpark Village, Calgary, has worked with crystal grids for over 30 years. We offer Crystal Grid workshops with Elizabeth, Sign up below to be notified when we are offering these events in Calgary.

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