Gemini-The Wind Element



Born May 21-June 20,  Sun Sign Gemini,  Soul Element Wind.

Gemini’s are very curious and love to talk.

Always seeking more information, Gemini has a long list of questions.

Congenial, charming and love to share time with friends.

Friendship with a Gemini is always fun, as they are quick witted, bright and often the proverbial life of the party.  Never boring!

The constellation of stars for Gemini are the Twins, which represents them perfectly.

They can see both sides of an issue which is very helpful in a dispute.

Sometimes they may appear wishy washy, so it is a surprise as to which “side” of the twin shows up. 

They can change minds on a whim, overall they are flexible and go with the flow.

Gemini’s have the energy to get things started as they are quick thinking and work fast on their feet.

As Wind Elements they are clear thinkers and put out logical, well thought out plans.

This makes them an asset on any team as being good communicators.

The challenge Gemini’s face is staying focused on a task to completion.

The quick witted mind of this Wind Element tends to pull their interests in other directions before they have completed their project. A valuable tool for the Gemini (as well as the other two Wind Elements Libra and Aquarius) are choosing healing gemstones that ground them.  The Midnight Mystic Quartz, Moonlight Mystic Quartz and Moldavite all incredible Vibrational Gemstones.  These are healing crystals will bring this energy in line to remain focused and distraction free.

This Wind Element is a friend that inspires and excites those in social and work environments and most find this twin energy irresistible.

In Love and Light,

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