Fire Vibration and Mars, The Believer


We are entering into the frequency of Fire. If you were born March 21 to April 19 you are an Aries. Aries is the first zodiac on the zodiac wheel. You are independent and magnetic, a natural leader.  Fire elements love action and travel. You are dynamic, engaging and outgoing and you live life in an adventurous way.  

Ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of action. Mars is bursting with vitality. A powerful, ambitious, and courageous energy. With the influence of Mars we can accomplish anything. It is the believer, the energy of spring, growth, expansion, and renewal.  

Fires love to multi task, taking on lots of projects, staying busy and easily handling lots of tasks. As a Fire element vibration you feel best when you are getting things done. Sometimes you will get overcommitted so staying grounded is a key. Have you ever found this to be your experience? You can accomplish more when you are focused and grounded. Traditional grounding stones, like Smoky Quartz resonate a lower frequency that cause anxiety so it’s important  to wear grounding stones that respect your vibration.

Midnight Mystic diamondOur Midnight Mystic Quartz is an excellent choice. It respects your high vibration while lending a more focused energy. You are a doer, Midnight Mystic Quartz will help you complete things efficiently so you can accomplish more in a limited time.


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