February Book of the Month

The Four Agreements

By Don Miguel Ruiz

There are books that come across your path every so often that are must-haves for your book collection. Those books that every couple of years you reread because it speaks the truth.
The Four Agreements is that book. Best-selling author Don Miguel Ruiz has a unique way of sharing his message about how limiting beliefs keep us in a suffering state and destroys our joy and happiness. A quick and engaging read, you can sit down with a warm cup of tea and a cozy blanket and finish it on a Sunday afternoon.
Many people these days are talking about mindset, however, no one explains it like Ruiz through ancient Toltec Wisdom.
Ruiz talks about how we begin conforming to society’s rules from the moment we are born and how we can free ourselves and take back our power by simply following these four agreements:
#1. Don’t make assumptions
    • There are the facts in a situation and then there is the story we assign them. The assumptions are in the stories we create when we deviate from the facts. The take-away is to ask questions instead of making assumptions.
#2. Don’t take things personally
    • Basically people aren’t really against you, they are for them.
#3. Be impeccable with your words
    • Words are energy and they hold power. When we use them to talk or think badly about others or ourselves, they are damaging and put us into a collapsed state. Instead, he suggests avoiding blaming and judging yourself and others.
#4. Always do your best
    • This last agreement is really about following the above three agreements and navigating your life consciously moment by moment. It’s a choice.
Following The Four Agreements can rapidly transform your life. Don’t just take it from us, pick up the book and see for yourself!
Leigh Ann
Store Manager, Banff

In Love and Light,

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