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Kate King Jewellery Banff
October 24, 2019
7-9 pm

Open to Your Highest Potential

Intro & Experience Your Akashic Records

You are warmly invited to an evening filled with fun, eye-opening awarenesses, sprinkled with a deep connection with your Inner Wisdom!

Please join Holly Hawkins Marwood, Elite Certified Akashic Records Instructor & Reader, for a wonderful evening immersion…and experience…. all about the Akashic Records! 

The Akashic Records are here and accessible now to guide & support you if you are someone who:

  • Is on a path of self-improvement 
  • Desires more authentic self-expression 
  • Wants to cultivate a forward vision for their lives
  • Is striving to be the best version of themselves in every way, shape and form 
  • Does not want to be defined by their past 
  • Wishes to consciously and intentionally create their future in new and different ways
  • Desires a life aligned with their Highest Potential
  • Knows that they have more to give, share, and experience in this lifetime

Discover how the Akashic Records support us in living our best lives, being clearly on our path, removing obstacles, and supporting us in a clear view of our future.

Experience tapping into your own Akashic Records in a guided experience!  What a gift!

Holly Hawkins Marwood is an Elite Certified Akashic Records Instructor & Reader of the Pathway Prayer Process©, as brought through by Dr. Linda Howe.  She is now the official International Agent for this work in Japan! She teaches certification courses for the Center for Akashic Studies and has also independently developed several online Akashic Records exploration courses.  

Holly has an active international practice teaching and offering private 1:1 Akashic Records sessions.

Additionally, she is a conscious channel for many non-physical Ascension Guides. Alongside her husband, Paul, they run Soul Genesis, an international company offering the Universal Sphere®, 111® Activation, Tree of Life Crystalline Activation & the Golden Light Activation in 1:1 sessions and in practitioner training courses to people all over the world.

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