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Rise up and transform to walk your highest soul path. Assists in moving through challenges more quickly. Helps you Focus on what you are moving towards rather than what you are moving away from. Raises the frequency of compassion, for yourself and others in every aspect. Useful for starting new cycles and moving into new beginnings. Increases feelings of joy and bliss, and helps you rise up and feel confident to walk new paths.

Rainbow Mystic

Rainbow Mystic Quartz is a stone of vitality and joy. It activates the rainbow light body, our spiritual vehicle. It assists in moving through challenges more quickly and going from stress into joy, helping balance the emotions. It keeps you grounded, centered and energized. 

Amazonite is known as the stone of courage and truth. It allows one to move from fear of judgment or confrontation into their own truth, beliefs and values. Assists in communication as it allows one to express true thoughts and feelings without becoming over-emotional. Enables one to see another’s point of view to obtain peace and helps to see both sides of an issue objectively. Activates all chakras, particularly the Throat and Heart chakra, enhancing loving communication. Combines and balances feminine and masculine energy. Helps set boundaries and internal discipline.

Named Auralite-23 as there are at least 23 different minerals (Titanite, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrosite, Ajoite, Hematite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Goethite, Pyrolusite, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Limonite, Sphalerite, Covellite, Chalcopyrite, Gialite, Epidote, Bornite & Rutile).  Enhances healing, personal development and intuition on many levels. It is a stone of all empowering knowledge and inspiration. This is a stone that can help to remove prejudice and unnecessary judgment. Auralite-23 balances our physical body and assists with removing chronic problems within our body, reminds our body of its proper vital functions and brings forth regeneration and rejuvenation, activates all 7 of our main chakras and those above our head and below our feet, balances, awakens and opens our kundalini energies.

A stone of growth and compassion, Peridot attracts abundance on all levels, health wealth, and joy. It resonates to the heart and solar plexus chakras. Peridot has a grounding, energizing frequency. A positive vibration of hope and vision, it unites the heart with the will to create success. Excellent for starting new cycles. This stone is useful for starting new projects in business, home and family. A crystal of warmth and well-being, mentally stimulating and physically regenerating. Believed to bring good health, restful sleep and peace to relationships. Peridot enhances confidence and assertion, moving growth and change.

Singing Quartz
Imbued with the ancient force that created the Universe Singing Quartz resonates to the ‘Om’ vibration when two are brought together, like Tingsha bells. Singing Quartz stimulates healing helping to remove disease in the subtle body, brings balance as well as clearing and aligning the 7 Chakras and meridians. Connecting to the Crown Chakra it is a great stone for meditation, providing a gateway of communication with terrestrial and celestial beings. Singing Quartz can also help aid studying as it helps retain information and concentration as well as enlightening your creativity.

Citrine is known as the Abundance Stone. It attracts prosperity on all levels; health, wealth and joy. An empowering stone of the sun, it resonates to the solar plexus chakra, the Seat of Manifestation. It assists in turning your dreams and wishes into reality. Emanates the Golden Ray of joy and creativity.

Golden Azeztulite
Golden Azeztulite is a fantastic stone to facilitate inner states of euphoria, bliss and joy. Helps to heal old patterns of limitation brought about by emotional wounds. Golden Azeztulite supports the brain and nervous system, stimulating the pineal gland, bringing forth a variety of positive and pleasurable effects. Opens the heart, third eye and crown chakra, stimulating them to much higher levels of activity. Golden Azeztulite carries the high vibrational energy of the Great Central Sun.

Choose a Generator to complete your Grid!


This Crystal Grid Kit includes:
x 1 Rainbow Mystic Quartz ($6.25 each)
x 2 Auralite-23 ($2.95 each)
x 9 Peridot ($0.49 each)
x 4 Citrine ($2.40 each)
x 5 Singing Quartz ($1.50 each)
x 5 Golden Azeztulite ($2.95 each)
x 4 Amazonite ($1.95 each)
OPTIONAL -1 Clear Quartz Generator ($7.50 each)  If you already have a generator from other Grid kits, or select a Chakra or Energy Generator
Product selection varies as each piece is unique and different.

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