Why Choose High Vibration Crystals and Geodes?

We are well into 2018 and this year is a powerhouse for achieving your dreams and goals. My year always starts with a visit to our miners from all over the world, to bring you an amazing Crystal and Geode Collection.

Raising the frequency of your personal space with crystals allows you to maintain an energetically clean environment. Choosing only high vibration crystals will allow you to raise the frequency of your home or office. 

Have you ever felt the weight of unwanted negative energy in our home?

Using only high vibration geodes and crystals at home and in your office keeps your space clean and purified.  We absorb the negative energy of others as we interact in the world, so it’s important when you arrive home at the end of the day to shed the lower vibrations and keep our space energetically pristine.

The 2018 Room Gem Collection is one of the best we have ever presented.  We have curated incredible pieces that are unique and empowering.


What makes our Crystals and Geodes any different than anywhere else?

We only work with miners who harvest the crystals in ways that protect the vibrational frequency of the stone. They love the crystals and geodes as much as we do. We buy directly from the mines so you get the best quality for what you would normally pay for much lower grade geodes.

What difference does quality make?

The quality of the crystal affects their ability to do the job. Lots of mines only view the crystals and geodes as a commodity so they harvest quickly and cheaply in an invasive way that damages the stones inner crystalline structure. After the crystals are harvested, they are treated to make the low-grade material beautiful. They are painted with cement, to increase the selling weight or are bleached, dyed, irradiated and treated to improve their appearance. According to the Gemological Society of America, 90 percent of gem material is treated. Sadly, these treatments deaden the vibration. I explain how this is done in this video.


Our commitment to you is to provide you with tools that are resonating at their highest vibration to empower you in your life. We have many different tools available at our Willowpark Store in Calgary,  and in our Online Shop.  Our Vibrational Consultants will help you decide what Vibrational Tool you need in your space. They will advise on the best placement in your home or office.  When you have a special occasion to buy for, keep in mind Crystals and Geodes make an amazing wedding, anniversary or birthday gift.

Tell us what crystals are your favourites?  What crystals do you want to add to your space?


In Love and Light,

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