Celebrating the high vibration of the Fire Element Leo

Segni zodiacali - Leo the lionThe Commander and the Sun, the Fire Element Leo 

Thank you so much for your patience Leo’s, born July 23- August 22. Your soul element is Fire. I am in Bali now, creating the new Collection. I hope you enjoy this months post on being a Fire Element and Leo. 

This is one of my favourite energetics as the people born under this vibration walk with the influence of the Lion. Brave, dynamic, engaging, and courageous. You are born to accomplish and have a charisma that empowers you to be an influencer in this life. You have a strong sense of justice and protection.  You don’t like being crossed as you have a strong desire to be respected.  Your sense of responsibility drives you to accomplish a great deal in your life. You are a super achiever due to the fire influence and have tremendous drive, passion and desire to succeed.  

As a romantic partner you are loyal and engaging. Even though you appear forceful you have a soft heart and are nurturing and compassionate with those you love. You enjoy socializing and will have a large circle of friends. You love to travel and crave to discover the world.  

Your ruling planet is the Sun. Energetically the sun is the center of our solar system, giving life, energy and light. The sun represents our will and yours is energetic and commanding. Once you set your mind to something you will move heaven and earth to accomplish it.

If you want to get something done, enroll a Leo. They are commanding, engaging, focused and driven.  

The Fire element soul will find that they often have many things on the go as a super achiever. At times this energy may create some anxiety. Our Angel Aura Mystic Quartz collection will ease you into a vibration of peace and serenity. These healing crystals allow you to reconnect with tranquility in a more spiritual or soothing space. The Midnight Mystic give you the focus you crave and accelerate your progress as it grounds and connects with your higher self. Our Blue Green Spinel will super-charge your physical body making you feel unstoppable.

Happy Birthday to all of you born under this amazing sign!

In Love and Light,

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