What to add to your Gemstone Toolkit for Balance and Growth

Spirit Mystic Quartz and Starlight Mystic Quartz

Each stone in your toolkit has a frequency that allows you to move through your life with greater ease and grace.  We have selected these two frequencies to assist you to resonate the frequency of balance and growth.  

One of our biggest hurdles in life is controlling our emotions.  People and events can throw us into processing negativity and many times lingers in our etheric bodies.  Spirit Mystic is the perfect stone to assist us in moving through challenges with balance and grace, ensuring that we have purity in our vibration.  Once our physical and etheric bodies are cleansed and balanced, we can move into the frequency of expansion and growth.  The Starlight Mystic instills confidence, and joy while activating growth and renewal.  It helps us believe in ourselves and inspires us to move towards our goals.

Spirit Mystic Quartz: Storm Element

Round Lotus cut Spirit Mystic Quartz

Emanating the intense Violet Ray, the Turquoise Ray and the Pink Ray.  This stone connects us with our spiritual path. The Violet Ray is excellent for breaking through old patterns and addictions.  It helps us remove negative energy and excess emotion that demands valuable energy to process and creates a vibration of balance.  The Turquoise Ray soothes and nurtures the emotional body creating an energy of relaxation and confidence. The Pink Ray opens and heals the heart that fills the soul with abundant love and joy.



Starlight Mystic Quartz: Storm Element

Pryamid Starlight Mystic Quarz

This stone combines the Green Ray of vitality and healing, the Golden Ray of Godhead energy and abundance, and the Violet Ray of shielding and spirituality. This stone is excellent for enhancing vitality, health, joy and physical strength. The Green Ray activates growth, expansion and renewal.  The Golden Ray activates Jupiter, the planet of success, health and happiness.  The Violet Ray promotes balance and spiritual connection.  Use this stone to revitalize physical energy, enhancing self-confidence, playfulness and growth.  Giving you the drive to achieve your dreams.

Everyone could benefit from balance and growth, we are flattered if you want to share with your friends and family  what Vibrational Gemstones can do for them.

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