Ascension Mystic Quartz-Stone of Empowerment

What is Ascension?

Ascension is choosing to evolve into higher consciousness. It is the expansion of awareness and how we respond to events in our life. When we talk about Ascension we are talking about raising the frequency so the physical body moves to a new state of being. One can only move to a higher frequency when the emotional body is cleared of all negative emotion and ancestral imprints are resolved and cleared. It involves the realization of being ONE with the Universe. This is the Law of One, which teaches we are all connected and united in a group soul. The new generations understand this law very clearly and that’s why they are concerned and caring with one another. According to the Law of One, when we are kind to one another we feed kindness into the grid, when we are happy we feed happiness into the grid.

How is Ascension Mystic Quartz helpful during these times?

Many clients and our Vibrational Consultants have remarked that they are feeling sadness and heaviness even though their lives are happy. This could be directly due to the amount of fear, anxiety and stress in people around the world. This is a reflection of the energy that is being absorbed by the sacred grid of humanity. This grid is fed by every human on the planet. By wearing the Ascension Mystic Quartz we are clearing all the lower emotions and enhancing the positive emotions, feeding the grid with positive emotions.

It is so important to know that we chose to be here at this pivotal moment on earth. We are the warriors, here to break through the lower emotions of fear, anxiety, stress, and judgement, holding the frequency of love, kindness and non judgement. The Ascension Mystic Quartz is designed to clear the lower emotions and it resonates a frequency that takes us into non-judgement, love and harmony. It connects us to our divine roots with the platinum ray.

Fall routines return as we begin September with busy schedules and return to activities. Distressing world events can increase anxiety and stress. Managing our state can be challenging when we are struggling to maintain a positive outlook and navigate circumstances beyond our control. Ascension Mystic Quartz helps us to stay grounded, positive and centered as we move through our lives.

When we manage our vibration, controlling negative emotions is easier. This is part of the Ascension process. When you manage your state it allows you to be free of the triggers that pull you into the lower emotions. This can transform your experience in life. When we are happy we transfer that happiness to everyone and so the joy grows and the experience is transformed. We activate the Ascension process when we move through our life with complete grace, loving-kindness and unlimited love.

Rays of Ascension Mystic Quartz


This stunning stone combines the Violet Ray of transformation, and Indigo Ray, the magical ray that bridges the finite and the infinite. The Violet Ray works to transmute negative into positive energy and assists in resolving and dissolving the energetic knots and clouds to fully cleanse the physical, energetic and etheric bodies. The Indigo Ray quickens the energy and builds the frequency of joy.

We are pleased to offer this gemstone at 20% off as it will be retired from our collection due to a significant increase in the cost of production. It is a great asset in any toolkit to assist in walking the path of Enlightenment and Ascension. Ascension Mystic Quartz provides daily support during stressful times to keep us on our path of spiritual awakening.

In Love and Light,

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