Ascension Mystic Quartz-Stone of Awakening

Ascension is the process of spiritual awakening that moves you into a higher level of consciousness. By releasing the lower emotions life becomes more fulfilling and less stressful.

Ascension is choosing to evolve into higher consciousness.

It is the expansion of awareness and how we respond to events in our life. When we talk about Ascension we are talking about raising the frequency so the physical body moves to a new state of being. The body can only move to a higher frequency when the emotional body is cleared of all negative emotion and ancestral imprints are resolved and cleared.

It involves the realization of being ONE with the Universe. This is the Law of One, which teaches we are all connected and united in a group soul. The new generations understand this law very clearly and that’s why they are concerned and caring with one another. According to the Law of One, when we are kind to one another we feed kindness into the grid, when we are happy we feed the grid with happiness.

Through the process of Ascension, your vibrational frequency becomes higher

How is Ascension Mystic Quartz helpful for the Holidays?

Holidays can be a stressful time. Busy schedules, moving from one social commitment to the other. The financial pressure to provide holiday gifts. Spending more time with family with whom we have strained relationships increases anxiety and stress. Managing our state can be challenging when we are with the family that know our triggers or when we are interacting with people who don’t match our vibration.

When we manage our vibration controlling our negative emotions is easier. This is part of the Ascension process. When we manage our state it allows us to be free of the triggers that pull us into the lower emotions. This can transform our experience though the holidays. When we are happy we transfer that happiness to everyone and so the joy grows and the experience is transformed. We activate the Ascension process when we are moving through our life with complete grace, loving-kindness and unlimited love.

Ascension Mystic Quartz


This stunning stone combines the Violet Ray of transformation, and Indigo Ray, the magical ray that bridges the finite and the infinite. The Violet Ray works to transmute negative into positive energy and assists in resolving and dissolving the energetic knots and clouds to fully cleanse the physical, energetic and etheric bodies. The Indigo Ray quickens the energy and builds the frequency of joy.

It is a great asset in any toolkit to assist in walking the path of enlightenment and Ascension. Ascension Mystic provides us with daily support during stressful times to keep us on our path of spiritual awakening.

We wish you and all those you love the very best for this Holiday Season, happiness, harmony, grace and love. Many Golden Blessings in 2020 and the coming new decade.

In Love and Light,

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