Are you a Water Element?


Astrologers have been studying the stars since the 2nd millennium BC and have been used by many cultures including the Chinese, Mayan, Indians and Europeans. It is one of the oldest traditions for interpreting the impact of the stars in relation to when we are born. On February 19 we entered the Sun sign Pisces, which carries the frequency of Water.

If you were born between February 19 and March 20 you may find that one of your primary values is peace and serenity. You might find that you dislike schedules even though you follow them when you have to. You look forward to times when you can break away from your schedule and relax as you value time off.

Those born as Water elements are charted for an emotional journey. You are in an expanded emotional experience which is amazing when you are celebrating. You can ride the wave of joy unlike any other vibration. You are a natural born nurturer. People will be drawn to you for counsel, as you are very empathetic and loving.  You often feel emotional challenges more than any other frequency.  Since you tend to pick up others emotions, shielding is very important.

One of your primary harmonizing stones would be from our Angel Aura Collection. These enhance the connection to your Guides and Angels. Angel Aura Mystic Quartz enhances love, confidence and joy. These beautiful pieces activate the vibration of peace, serenity and harmony. Wearing these stones shields you from picking up others emotions and nurtures you in a loving way providing you with the support you need.

I invite you to eAngel Aura Serenity with Tanzanitexplore some of these pieces in our Peace and Serenity Collection.

In Love and Light,

In Love and Light,

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