Our Mission


Our company is dedicated to empowering people to manage their vibrational state so they can move through life with greater joy, grace and harmony. Managing your personal vibration enables you to contribute a more positive energy to humanity. By living in our highest vibration we can collectively elevate the frequency of our planet.


Kate’s Journey


Kate King Jewellery is a vibrational gemstone jewellery collection based on Quantum Physics. Everything in the universe vibrates including us. Gemstones affect our body’s vibrational energy.

Kate King Jewellery has a unique system of analysis to help you understand your vibrational signature. Your frequency is specific to you so it is important that your gemstones match and compliment your resonance.

Kate began researching crystal healing when she was battling a challenging illness. She came to understand the frequency of gemstones and how it impacts our vibrational frequencies. Through her study of Quantum Physics and holistic healing, she developed a method of analysis to recommend stones that assist in harmonizing the physical vibration.

All of our gems are hand cut and hand set into designs to enhance connection with images of empowerment. The gem cuts are based on sacred geometry.

Many earth-grown gemstones on the market today are treated to make them more desirable. Unfortunately, the vibration is dramatically affected by many of these treatments. Irradiation, bleaching dyeing, diffusion are all practices that significantly deplete the vibration of the gemstone. Heating is a process that occurs in nature and does not appear to deplete the vibration of the stone.

Our collections include both earth-grown and lab-grown stones. Our earth grown collection of gemstones are chosen for their vibrational quality. Whenever we can source and provide high vibration earth grown gemstones we include them in our collection.

If the stone has been mined out or has become too expensive we replace it with a lab-grown bio-identical stone. These stones have the same chemical composition, crystalline structure, texture, hardness, colour, light refraction, and lustre. Lab-grown Sapphires, Spinel, Alexandrite Chrysoberyl, Rubellite, Tourmaline and Hydro Quartz are identical to the earth-grown stones in every way. Many of these stones are grown from the powder of the earth grown stone. The only difference is where they are born. Energetically the frequency of the stone is higher because there are no inclusions inside to slow the spin of the molecules. In fact, the highest grade of earth-grown Sapphires is often mistaken as lab-grown, as the only difference is the inclusions inside the earth-grown gemstones. Using lab-grown stones enables us to provide you with large, stunning stones that have been mined out in nature or are so expensive that most of us would never have the opportunity to own a stone of such size and quality.

Kate shares her Story