In a quest to create powerful Vibrational Jewellery we often use lab grown stone. Lab grown Sapphires, Spinel, Alexandrite Chrysoberyl, Rubellite Tourmaline and Hydro Quartz are identical to the earth-grown stones. They have the same chemical composition, crystalline structure, texture, hardness, colour, light refraction, and lustre.

Energetically the frequency of the stone is higher because there are no inclusions inside to slow the spin of the molecules. This enables us to use large, stunning stones that been mined out in nature or are so expensive that most us would never have the opportunity to own a stone of such size and quality. Lab-grown Alexandrite, Rubellite, and Hydro Quartz are actually grown from the powder of earth grown gems. The highest quality of earth grown Sapphires is often mistaken as lab grown, as the only difference is the inclusions inside the earth grown gemstones.