3 Gemstone Tools vital for Grounding and Focus

Grounding and focus allow you to accomplish your goals and improve your life. Summer is all about having fun, breaking the routine and rejuvenating after a long winter. Sometimes it’s challenging to re-activate the grounding energetic that helps to get back into the routine of getting things done.

When you set goals, strive to do your best in school, or perform at work, we experience the most success when we feel empowered to concentrate and get things accomplished.Traditional grounding stones have a low vibration and can end up creating anxiety and depression for most of us. I have created several high-frequency collections that are specifically designed to activate the earth star chakra while maintaining a high frequency in the body.

These Vibrational Gemstones help to realign your personal frequency to resonate the vibration of focus. This allows you to be super focused while maintaining a harmonized frequency in your physical body. When we maintain our own state it helps us to influence others to feel more positive and happy.

We can really increase our frequency and confidence if we feel are in a state of knowing and connection of our full essence. Carrying negative energy distracts us from feeling empowered and able to push our abilities. So it’s essential we work in a state of self-love, feeling connected to our sacred path. The gemstones are key tools in bringing and helping us stay in that frequency with no self-judgment.

Here are some of our most popular collections to help you focus and achieve.

Midnight Mystic Quartz

Is an excellent ally for creating organization and structure in our lives. A tool for focus, assisting us in staying on the path. Many “Star Children” have difficulty with grounding as it lowers the frequency creating anxiety. This is the perfect stone to maintain a high frequency in the physical body while remaining grounded and focused.


Moonlight Mystic Quartz

Moonlight Mystic resonates a supercharged Platinum Ray. The platinum ray plugs us into our soul essence the highest vibration frequencies on the other side of the veil.  It brings in a connection to source euphoria and the all-knowing energy.  An excellent tool for assisting us in connecting with our sacred path and the full knowledge of our soul essence. The Platinum has a unique very high-frequency shielding aspect.  It dissolves negativity and

Shakti Mystic Quartz

This powerful stone is a vehicle for mastery of divine love, peace, and brotherhood. It intensely opens the heart and replaces anger with love. The Ruby Ray assists in freeing you from the pain of your past, enhancing tranquility, grace and spiritual healing. The Violet Ray completes this transition by transmuting negativity and connecting us with our spiritual center uniting our divine self with our physical self.

Wearing Vibrational Gemstones are key tools in tuning our vibrational profile and helping us stay positive, motivated and without self-judgment.


In Love and Light,

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