More than just beautiful jewellery, Kate King Jewellery is a vibrational gemstone jewellery collection based on Quantum Physics. Everything in the universe vibrates including us.

Our gemstones are designed to harmonize your vibration and enhance your life

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Kate King Jewellery Calgary

Dedicated to empowering you to achieve your maximum state as you move through your life. Our flagship store offers our complete collection of Vibrational Tools that bring your life to a higher frequency.

In addition to our Jewellery Collection we offer a selection of powerful and unique pieces to enhance your home or office. Our Room Gem Collection features gem material from around the world. We work with mines who honour the gems as living beings so all the material is harvested with love.

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Vibrational Consultants

Our Vibrational Consultants are certified to analyze your frequency and assist you in selecting gemstones that empower you to achieve your hearts desire.

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Tara Mystic Yin Yang

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People who wear our jewellery have a story to share. Experience our jewellery through the eyes of our community and share your own journey with your pieces.

Kate King Jewellery are tools to move through your life with more grace and ease.

If you have a story to share we welcome you to become part of our community and Share the love.

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